Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Is Why Birds Are Falling From The Sky

Hold on a sec -

Okay. Sorry. I had to do a quick shot of vodka. So, um, I just read this over at Jezebel:

"Here's what has planned: Blue will be tightly bound (the site is BDSM-oriented), and then viewers will vote which of three men will 'take' her virginity. Then, 'The other two will then join the ceremony and make her airtight.' The site's founder continues, 'We strive each and every day to bring the best possible content to our customers and sacrificing Nikki's innocence is in perfect alignment with what our fans expect and deserve.'"

Got it? In case you haven't figured, this is a description of the big event at this weekend -- the filming of porn star Nikki Blue losing her virginity (yeah, we'll get to that part in a minute). The event will be filmed with a..wait for it...wait for it...hymen cam. Now, how has a porn star maintained her virginity, you wonder? Do you really have to ask? I'll let Blue herself explain:

"I am from the South, where typically you are told to stay a virgin until you're married. I did a lot of anal play, I got a lot of stimulation from that and oral. I looooove oral. I could generally keep my boyfriends happy with blowjobs and anal sex."

Right. Jezebel does a fine job (as always) breaking down the absurd nonsense of Blue's "virginity," so I'll let that go for now. My bigger concern, really, is for Blue's health. I mean, how does one sterilize a hymen cam? Aren't "airtight" orifices a medical threat? I'd hate to see some sort of health hazard sully the poetry of voting for the right vaginal penetrator. The good news is that now there's a high quality, easily accessed instructional video for gangbanging date rapists. Awesome. Stay classy, Internet!

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  1. I'm so angry right now. SICKENING.

  2. Why is a consensual act between adults sickening again?

  3. I never believe the rants of crazy people who hold up signs and say the end of the world is soon coming, but this may in fact be a sign of the end of days.