Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Think This Deserves a Standing Ovation

"Johnston is now the 'most unpopular person PPP has polled in any state.'" - from aNew York Daily News report on a recent poll about Levi Johnston. The agency Public Policy Polling surveyed the residents of Alaska to measure their feelings about the Wasilla Mayoral Candidate, Playgirl model, Bristol Palin babydaddy, potential babydaddy of a second child, and soon-to-be reality TV star. Turns out Levi garnered a 72% unfavorable rating with only 6% of Alaskans admitting to seeing the young man "in a positive light." This means that LJo has a lower popularity rating than John Edwards, the man who ran for President while he was cheating on his wife who was dying of cancer --  and then lied about it. Well done, Levi. I mean, after all of his hard work shunning birth control, desperately clutching at any opportunity for fame, and making a joke out of our democratic process, he really deserves it. Bravo!

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