Monday, January 10, 2011

Um, WTF, HuffPost?!

"WATCH: Brooklyn Decker In A Bikini In Slow Motion" - a headline right now on the Entertainment page of The Huffington Post. The title links you to the website Coed Magazine, where one finds two GIFs of model Brooklyn Decker...walking. The post is titled "Brooklyn Decker's Bouncing Boobs." Okay, fine. I expect a website called "Coed Magazine" to post about Brooklyn's Bouncing Boobs. Whatever. But why the HELL is The Huffington Post linking to it? With no editorial, mind you -- just a straight link to the GIFs. Oh, and I almost forgot: Right above the Brooklyn post is a post about Kim Kardashian's "major assets" that links to a blog post at MediaTakeOut titled "DAYUMMMMM!!! KIM KARDASHIAN MUST HAVE RECENTLY GOTEN [sic] A SILICONE RE-UP . . . CAUSE HER CAKES ARE NOW THE SIZE OF TWO BASKETBALLS!!! Um, what the fuck? Don't get me wrong; it's not like HuffPost is The Wall Street Journal. But come on, dudes. Or, rather, come on Arianna Huffington. You can be better than that, Huffy. Look alive!

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