Monday, November 29, 2010

Evidently God Had Money On Pittsburgh

"I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO." - Steve Johnson, of the Buffalo Bills, on Twitter yesterday. Stevie had hours earlier dropped what would have been the game-winning touchdown pass in Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. And this is God's fault, evidently. I think if Steve is looking for the lesson here, it's that GOD DOESN'T CONTROL FOOTBALL GAMES. And while I'm not in contact with the Big Guy the way Butterfingers here is, I am pretty sure he doesn't love Kanye West-style, ALL CAPS insults ending in sarcastic dismissals via social media websites. But what do I know.

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