Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Minutes And Twenty-Four Seconds Of Soul Crushing Terror

I'm hot
I'm hot
I'm like an ice cream cone with a cherry on top...

You can't replace or crowd my space
So step off bitch or I'll punch your face...

This is a sample of the lyrical genius from the new, uh, rap single "I'm Hot" by Angelina Pivarnick, the long-suffering Guidette formerly of Jersey Shore. At first I was confused -- I mean, how is an ice cream cone "hot?" But then I remembered that sometimes you just have to let art flow over you. So, if the esoteric lyrics aren't enough to hook you, no worries; you won't be able to resist Angelina's autotuned spoken-word performance over a Bollywood beat from some dude's Casio keyboard. It's hot. It's hot. Listening to it makes me wanna get shot. Enjoy!

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