Saturday, December 4, 2010

Where's The Penises On Parade Post?

"Bikini Wars! Big Boobs Vs. Small Boobs" - a headline on the current front page at The item continues, "It's a battle of the boobs when Hollywood's sexiest stars show off their top-half assets in skimpy bikinis..." Battle. Of. The Boobs. Then, of course, there's a slideshow of models and actresses in bikinis. Look, I can appreciate a hot bikini body as much as the next girl, but what the f*ck? If the headline alone is not enough to convince you that Radaronline is a shameless crapfest run by dateless misogynists, here are a few more lines from the post:

"...the former Grey's Anatomy star draws all the attention to her gorgeous globes..."
"...the brunette bombshell totes one of the most impressive sets in Hollywood..."
"While small chested Nicole battled her demons earlier in life (and has a scalding hot body to prove it), the big-busted Lohan is still in the process of rehabbing her image."

Do you think the writers at Radar had to sit around and brainstorm euphemisms for breasts, or do they keep a list on hand? Regardless, I smell a Pulitzer for sure. Keep up the great work, asshats!

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