Sunday, January 30, 2011

As Effective As The Monarchy

Forget commemorative coffee mugs! An English condom company has introduced Wills and Kate Royal Wedding rubbers! Called "Crown Jewels" (har), the sheaths promise to combine "the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be" resulting in "a royal union of pleasure." But here's the, uh, rub, so to speak: the company's website warns that "Crown Jewels Royal Wedding Souvenir Condoms are a novelty condom not suitable for contraception or protection against STDs." Oops! Bummer. Ineffectiveness aside, what the f*ck is "the YIELDING sensitivity of a princess-to-be"? Who says KMid can't tear it up in the sack? Come on, you bloody sexist wankers.

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