Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Charlie Sheen Has Great Taste

"Any men in the Fort Wayne area want to come fill me with [crass, slang term for ejaculate] before I leave town? I'd like 10-20 men tonight." - Bree Olson, porn star and latest paramour of Charlie Sheen, on Twitter a few weeks ago. According to RadarOnline, Olson's tasty Tweet came only days after Sheen flew on a private jet to visit Bree in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The two lovebirds are currently holed up in Vegas, where Sheen has been seen and heard doing vodka shots and complaining about suggestions he needs rehab. Rehab? Nah. Clearly, Sheen has all of his priorities in order. I mean, it's not just ANY porn star he's "dating." Oh no. He's got two young daughters, after all! Any woman in CShee's life has to be a role model! To wit, the lovely Bree won the 2008 award for Best Anal Sex Scene at the AVN Awards. Thanks to TMZ for that tidbit (and the photo), by the way.

Oh, and in case you forgot, Charlie Sheen makes $1.88 million per episode of "Two And A Half Men." Good morning!


  1. That physically hurt to read. Really.

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