Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick and Dirty

Kids These Days: Selena Gomez is receiving online death threats after being photographed canoodling with Justin Beiber. Less troubling than the sentiment are the grammar and composition: ""@selenagomez dont touch @justinbieber you are a b!tch i kill you selena stupid stud you always whit famous boys you are a very very b!tch." Scary, right? I mean, when I was in sixth grade, I always threatened my crushes' crushes with a double-spaced business letter. Jeez. [Huffington Post, Perez Hilton]

Grandma Got Into The Dress-Up Closet Again: Oh, Courtney Love. Bless your little heart. [Huffington Post]

Bitch, I Got Busy With Natalie Portman, Bitch! In news that is nothing but sadly predictable, Mila Kunis, currently all the rage thanks to her star turn in "Black Swan," and her boyfriend of 7 years, Macaulay Culkin (yup), have broken up. Insert "Home Alone" jokes here. [NY Post]

Or Maybe They Just Realized They Were In Arkansas: Mother Nature, God, or some other higher power stole a bit from the P.T. Anderson film "Magnolia," when, on New Year's Eve, 4000 dead redwinged blackbirds fell from the sky in Arkansas. What caused the birds to die is undetermined, but I blame Miley. She's usually behind morbid and vaguely religious omens, isn't she? Seems about right. [NY Times].

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