Monday, January 3, 2011

Excuse Me, Miss, But Your Pants Are On Fire

Sometimes Kim Kardashian lies. I know. You're shocked. You're broken. It's okay. However you feel right now, it's valid, and we'll work through this together. So, although it turns my world upside down, I present Exhibit A, from KKar's interview with Harper's Bazaar in April:

“I’m sorry I did Playboy.  I was uncomfortable,” Kim tells Harper’s Bazaar in a new interview where she – ironically – strips down again.  So why did she do Playboy?  Her mom Kris Jenner told her to “go for it,” recalls Kim, who also quotes her mom as saying, “They might never ask you again.  Our show isn’t on the air yet.  No one knows who you are.  Do it and you’ll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you’re my age.”

And now, from this month's issue of Glamour, Exhibit B:

Women like Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe have been on the cover of Playboy. So when Hugh Hefner himself asked me, I thought, I’m young, and this is iconic for me. Obviously my stepdad was like, “I think that your father would be mortified if you did this.” It was an independence thing for me. I was always by the book, such the straight arrow when it came to pleasing my parents and being a good daughter. I felt like this was one decision that only I could make. And I think it looks great. I’ll have those pictures forever.

Wait -- does this mean that maybe QuickTrim is NOT her weight loss secret? No! Is there nothing to believe in any more? Oh, the humanity.

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