Monday, March 28, 2011

How Shitty Is That?

In case you aren't familiar with Food Network chef and "Barefoot Contessa" Ina Garten, let me introduce her: She is known for creating recipes that focus on fresh ingredients a quick preparation; she is self-taught; she has written seven cookbooks and numerous magazine columns; her catch phrase is "How easy is that?"; and she prefers throwing parties in the Hamptons to fulfilling a dying child's last wish. TMZ reports that The Make-A-Wish Foundation tried twice to contact Ina regarding a six year-old boy named Enzo suffering from leukemia whose last wish was to cook with the Bareheart -- I mean, Barefoot Contessa. The first time Make-A-Wish asked Ina to meet the boy, she was busy with a book tour, and the second time she had other "scheduling conflicts." According to his family members, Enzo is heartbroken, but after two rejections he has moved on to a new wish. Well, good. I mean, I know he's sick and all, and he's only six, but there are people out there willing to donate $100,000 to eat Ina's food. Pony up the cash and stop whining, Enzo. Jeez.

Thanks to DCH for making me sad and angry at 6:30 am -- I mean, for the link :)

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