Friday, September 28, 2012

Us Weekly Sucks, Volume Number JeezusDoTheyEverStopWithThisShit

Yesterday, Us Weekly ran this headline:

Now, I don't give a shit about Liberty Ross (neither does her skeevy husband, evidently, which I imagine is Libby's larger concern), but I care about the not-at-all subtle proximity of the words "skinny" and "sexy." And by "care about" I mean "want to kick the asshole that is responsible for." Now, I know this is not news -- that the media love to equate low BMI with high sex appeal; this is the oldest fucking story in the socialized eating disorder book. So while Us is not alone in promoting the idea that starvation is boner-inducing, they are remarkably dedicated to promoting the idea, as well as remarkably lazy about finding creative ways to do so. To wit, there was this, from two days ago:

And this, from July:

And this one, from May:

Oooh! And this one! With video!

Same words, more video:

Exclusive video!

I could go on, but I'm already uneasy about hitting their website seven times in as many minutes. So, in case you haven't picked up on the message, Us Weekly wants you to know that skinny is sexy. Although, to be fair, they aren't saying that only skinny is sexy -- that would be really crappy. No, no. Lean and slim work, too. Got it, ladies? I hope so.



  1. Dear American Women over 23

    You are fat. Old. Sexually useless. And left with Brains which, as you can read, in women are worth about as much as a Dubloons.

    No wait, people get excited when they find Dubloons.

    I hope you’ve sufficiently trapped your mates into not leaving your sorry asses.



    P.S. - Thanks for buying us even though we so obviously fucking hate you – bet that’s GREAT for your self-image

  2. Anonyomous: EXXXXACTLY. i heart you.

  3. I wish more people had the attitude of this lady She is my new hero.