Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hollywood Is So Sensitive

"EXCLUSIVE: Studio Hopeful Final Twilight Film Won't Be Delayed Despite Local Violence" - the top headline at The website reports that Summit Entertainment was due to begin filming "The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Part 2" sometime in the next few weeks in Brazil, but the studio is now considering other locations and a different schedule after last week's violence in Rio De Janeiro. Thirty-five civilians were taken hostage, one civilian was killed, and four police officers were wounded after a shoot-out between police and ten heavily-armed members of a drug-trafficking gang. The Guardian explains that "the 40-minute gun battle...was of proportions rarely seen outside the confilct-ridden favelas," and a Brazilian official describes the current climate in Rio as "an ocean of barbarity." Ugh. Enough already. Jeez. Don't you hate it when some stupid innocent bystanders get shot and murdered and mess up your film schedule? I know I do. I mean, I'm sure the Rio community is shaken and all, but come on: it's Bella and Edward! Priorities, people. Priorities.

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