Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Okay, This Isn't Even Funny

Taylor Momsen is the lovely little wood nymph pictured here. You may recognize her from her role on "Gossip Girl," or perhaps you are familiar with her embarrassing I'm-such-a-rockstar antics as lead singer of the band The Pretty Reckless -- you know, dressing like a prostitute, cursing as much as possible, smoking a lot of cigarettes (she's 17), etc. etc. Well, young Taylor also likes to light stuff on fire, according to her bandmates. I know: snore. But wait, her pyromania is special! Says her bandmate Ben Phillips, "I shouldn't say this. One morning, Taylor got into the studio really early -- she'd just had her dog neutered and brought in the bits. Which she then burned. We were grossed out." Okay, look. Either Ben is lying or Taylor is on her way to becoming a serial killer. Either way, enough already. We get it, TMo. You're hard core. Now wash your face, put some pants on, and get your sh*t together. Good day.

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