Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Should Have Known

"J-Woww: Why I Said No to Playboy" - a headline right now at Just for fun, let's play a little game. Before I reveal her reason for saying no, why don't you guess what J-Woww told Us about her rejection of Playboy's offer:

a) "I want people to take me seriously."
b) "I'm having my implants replaced, so I want to wait until after the next surgery to take it all off."
c) "I'm more shy than you think."

If you guessed A or C, clearly you've never watched "Jersey Shore," so...Bravo! If you guessed B, you have seen the show, and that's a good guess. But it was a trick question. In fact, J-Woww said that she rejected Playboy's $400,000 offer because "There was a better opportunity out there, which everybody will probably see soon." Great. She doesn't give any details of this "better opportunity," so there's a chance that it won't involve seeing J-Woww naked. Come on; a girl can dream, right?

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