Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sofia Vergara Is Awesome

"The worst part is not sleeping and me losing my beauty sleep." - Sofia Vergara, from Modern Family, tells People magazine about the car accident that left her boyfriend, Nick Loeb, in critical condition last month. Loeb is now recuperating at home with super-caring Sofia, who explains that Nick's whole I-can't-walk-for-months thing is really messing with her hotness. The woman is a saint. You may remember Sofia's legendary sensitivity from her appearance on The View in November, when the ladies marveled at the fact that the youthful-looking actress has an 18 year-old son. Sofia's response was to laugh "I was raped!" HAAAA! Ah, Sofia, you bust me up. Rape is hilarious. And crippled boyfriends are such downers. Amen, sister!

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