Monday, October 25, 2010

You Suck, Sean Bielat

Sean Bielat is a Republican running for Congress in Massachusetts against current Rep. Barney Frank; Frank chairs the House Financial Services committee and is an openly gay man. The video above was produced by Bielat's team as part of his online campaign. It features an animated, disco-dancing Barney Frank along with audio clips of Frank intended to implicate him in current financial disasters. Okay, so one can certainly argue that Frank has made some mistakes lately -- with Congress, that is. But Bielat's video is very clearly an attack on Frank's sexuality, and, in addition to being a weak, cheap, ignorant shot, the video sends a coded message to conservatives that gay-bashing is a valid campaign tactic. GEE, SEAN, I WONDER WHERE KIDS ARE LEARNING TO BULLY OTHER KIDS BECAUSE OF THEIR SEXUALITY? Jackass.

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