Friday, November 26, 2010

Bitch I Got A Prison Record, Bitch

"That was cute for her. Bitches like her do shit talk like that. Talk on ho; it's easy talk when them album sales ain't back yet. Since you talkin 'bout the history books, let's talk about the f*cking history books, damn it. Bitch I got a Grammy, bitch. I got number ones, sweetie. Source gave my last album 5 motherfucking mics, ho. What the f*ck they give you?" - rapper Li'l Kim, to H8terade Radio, in response to rapper Nicki Minaj's statement that Kim would go down in history as a "sore loser." See, Kimmie has been taking shots at music sensation Minaj for about a year now, declaring "war on Barbie rappers" and throwing fake Minaj heads into the audience at her concerts. When I first heard that last one, I thought, "Wait. People still pay to see Li'l Kim?" But that's besides the point. Anywho, Minaj has been mostly dilpomatic in her responses, but it seems LK doesn't like being called a loser. She prefers "Has Been," "Illiterate Guttermouth," "Plastic Surgery Victim," and "Convicted Felon." Just saying.

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