Monday, November 8, 2010

By "Protect" She Means "Share Cocaine"

"As a mother it wasn't for me to come and tell the world about her problem. I wasn't in denial. It was for her to come to her evolution. As a mother we protect." - Dina Lohan, explaining to Matt Lauer on this morning's Today show why she only now admits Lindsay is an addict. Get it, people? She knew it all along, but she was just being a GOOD MOM. Other things Dina did in the name of selfless maternity: partied with Lindsay at the Chateau Marmont until 2 am the night before one of Lindsay's court appearances; pitched a reality show based on Lindsay's stay in rehab; and told Matt Lauer 3 months ago
that Lindsay's drug problem is a tabloid fabrication. The woman is a f**king saint. How does she give so much and keep on giving? It's humbling, really.

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