Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Hope "Drinking Bleach With The Stars" Is Next

Last night, "Skating With The Stars" premiered. I tried to ignore the press and previews for the show, but, as it turns out, SWTS isn't just your ordinary hour of famewhores and hasbeens on parade. Oh no. Rather, it's a cataclysmic meeting of soul-crushing vortexes. To wit, check out the clip above to watch Bethenny "Taste Everything Eat Nothing" Frankel move around the ice like Bristol "My Mom's Pimping Me Out" Palin on the dance floor all while Kate "You Won't Go To heaven" Gosselin applauds from the audience. I was surprised to see Kate in the studio, but I guess there's a lot less homework to be done now that two of her kids have been expelled from school. Anywho, in that one moment, when shimmying Bethenny evoked shimmying Bristol while being cheered on by shimmying Kate, I looked Satan in the face, acknowledged his power, and died inside. But really -- you should watch the clip. It's kind of funny, too, in an "Oh shit it's the apocalypse" sort of way.

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  1. NO! I refuse to even take a peek. This must end.