Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No She Did NOT!

Here's Bethenny Frankel holding up the customized onesie she created for her infant daughter, Bryn, at The onesie says "Future Skinnygirl." "SkinnyGirl" is the name of Bethenny's low-cal food and beverage business, and she explains, "I hope to raise Bryn to value a healthy lifestyle as I do. I have so much fun dressing her, and this outfit is extra special since it was designed with love by mommy." Fine. Give whatever canned soundbite you want, Frankel, but the fact is that you are putting a shirt on your BABY that says "FUTURE SKINNYGIRL." No pressure, though, Bryn. Um, I'll speak for the kid here and say, "F*ck off, Mommy."

Thanks again to for the find.

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