Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Tree Doesn't Fall Far From The Apple

By now you have likely heard that Miley Cyrus's parents, Billy Ray and Tish, are getting divorced. You've also probably heard that the reason for the split is Tish's affair with Bret Michaels. I left this alone at first because it seemed too disgusting to be true, but, alas, after days of no denials from either camp, it's looking like this vomit-inducing hookup really happened. And if the mere idea of these two isn't disturbing enough, let's revisit 17 year-old Miley's duet with Bret, "Nothing to Lose." The chorus goes a little like this:

Won't you fall down on me/So close I can feel you breathe/Tonight in the darkness with nothing to lose/If the truth is all we can see/If I fall for you, could you fall for me?

So, in summary, Tish watched her daughter record a smarmy duet with an aging rocker and thought, "I gotta get me some of that!" Awesome. Stay classy, Tish!

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