Friday, December 31, 2010

Screw The Champagne!

"Ginuwine has also recently been chosen to become the new spokesperson for Adult Chocolate Milk, a new alcoholic beverage that combines chocolate milk with 40 proof vodka." - from a press release announcing the miraculous "Adult Chocolate Milk," currently available at west coast Costco stores and soon to be available wherever you are. Want to know the best part about this stuff? Here you go, from

"Adult Chocolate Milk was developed by Newport Beach mother Tracy Reinhardt, who claims she mixed up the liquor in her kitchen after putting her kids to bed one night. "

Dude. Never mind the obvious vomiting risk of drinking vodka and milk. What sort of f*cked up devil spawn came out of this woman that she thought vodka and chocolate milk sounded awesome at the end of a long day? I can only imagine. Oh well, one woman's existential crisis is another woman's easily disguised alcoholic beverage! "What? This? It's just chocolate milk!" Thanks, TRein!

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