Thursday, January 13, 2011

By "Shoot" She Means "Capitalize On The Fame Of"

"Lady Gaga represents everything that is wrong with the core of our society. She's not a lady, she's a tramp. People see her as such a hero, especially the gay community; they celebrate her. She stands up there in her flesh suit and cries big old elephant tears and thanks her dear fans for being so brave, but what they don't realize is that everything she does is calculated. I feel like she uses them." - Interscope artist Sabrina, explaining her new song "I Want To Shoot Lady Gaga." You mean Lady Gaga is sometimes disingenuous with her fans?! Noooo! Settle down there, Sabrina. I find it hard to get riled up about a celebrity "calculating" her words and actions. In fact, I prefer they do so. I don't want most of those savages speaking before they think. And I can assure you that our society has bigger problems than Lady Gaga. I mean, for one, there's the whole issue of gun violence -- oh wait. Hmm. You picked a rather odd time to push a song about shooting someone, didn't you, Pumpkin? You know what else is curious? It appears that the most press you've ever received is because of a song about an artist you want to make disappear. Just saying. Oh, and one more thing: the song is really, really bad. Really.

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