Monday, January 10, 2011

Yeah, That's Original

"Me and Nikki in our new crib, lol! Gettin busy on set of FLY!!! Its so hard to keep my hands off!" - Rihanna on Twitter, teasing men everywhere about a lesbian hookup with Nicki Minaj. She also Tweeted the photo above. Nicki kept the oh-so-provocative ruse going with her own Tweet, "@rihanna lol. If we're gonna liv 2gthr and hook up u gotta learn how 2 spell my name! Lmaooooooo. ---- Gossip Gossip ni#@a just stop it! :p" And then, just in case you didn't pick up on all the sexy girl sexy sex insinuations, Rihanna came back with "@NICKIMINAJ b***h don't u hear me askin what my OWN name is??? Lol! My bad, I'll make it up to u *wink*" WINK WINK! Get it?! They're girls! And they're pretending to do it! Girls doing it! Isn't that sexy? Aren't you turned on? Hey ladies, I have a message for you. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, and every girl who has ever been in a "Girls Gone Wild" tape called. They all want their desperate-for-attention fake bisexual shtick back. JUST SAYING.

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  1. Women using their sexuality to attract men is not new or specific to entertainers. Women who chow box sell more, are sexier, etc; just because you don't understand how heterosexual men are turned on doesn't mean you need to drop all of this on two dumb girls.
    Hot girls with big tits who sometimes lez out aren't part of the lgbt community, they're trying to sell something.