Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Open Letter To The Asshats At PETA

Look, I'm a vegetarian. The real kind: I don't "eat fish sometimes," and I don't buy leather. So I really want to support PETA. The problem is, in addition to being an animal rights supporter, I am also a woman with a brain, and PETA manages to insult both my gender and my lucidity at every turn. To wit, this morning I read that Lady Gaga will be featured in PETA's newest anti-fur campaign. Um, really? So she doesn't wear fur. BUT SHE WEARS BEEF. What the fuck? And don't try to tell me now, either you (PETA) OR you (Gaga), that it was some sort of statement on animal rights because, according to LG herself, it was not. So there's that. And then, mere moments after reading about Gaga, I was lucky enough to stumble across your new anti-meat campaign, featured above. Are you kidding? The best you can do is a bunch of naked woman simulating sex acts on vegetables? Very creative. Nothing gives credibility to an organization like hypocrisy and the objectification of women. The animals deserve better, you lazy losers. Grrrrrr.

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