Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sure You Didn't, Pumpkin

"I really didn't want to do this." - Michael Lohan, outside the courtroom this morning after Lindsay's hearing. Poppa Lohan wants us to know that he had NO intention of speaking, but he just had to. Among MLo's stunning revelations? That Lindsay would be fine if her mom would just cooperate with him. Quoth he of the mesh shirt, [Lindsay could have that [happiness]...if Dina would just come on board with me." Yeah. Because erasing two decades of damage is as easy as getting two pathetic and abusive famewhores on the same side of the fence. That should do it. Snark aside, it probably would help Linds if her parents could act as a united, positive support system. You know what else would help, Mikey? SHUT THE FUCK UP. Just saying.

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