Saturday, March 26, 2011

Because What Eight Year-Old Doesn't Want A Little Extra Up Top?

Abercrombie & Fitch, who first bought you soft-porn teen catalogs and shirtless teenage employees, has finally brought their inappropriate sexuality to the grade school set. The clothing retailer now sells padded biking tops for young girls. ABC News just ran a story (which you can watch above) on the items. I mean, I don't know what all the uproar is about. When my daughter is in third grade, I want her boobs to get as much attention as the other girls'. How is she supposed to be pregnant by middle school or understand what being a woman is all about if the boys think she's flat? Jeez, people.

Abercrombie Padded Bikini Top For 8-Year-Olds Angers Parents (VIDEO) [HuffPost]


  1. This is so...UGH. It pisses me off.

  2. DUDE - didn't this happen in Britian less than a year ago?!?! WTF was A&F thinking?!?!