Friday, March 25, 2011

Um, Because It's Friday, Volume Two

And because, well, how could I not post this? I guess a few sties featured this on Wednesday. I don't care if I'm late to the party. BEST. CAKE. EVER. Explains AOL:

"A wife renewing her wedding vows after 10 years of marriage ordered a cake that looks just like her. Chidi Ogbuta, 35, opted for the 5-foot replica of herself wearing a wedding gown and a veil at the celebration in Dallas. 'I searched for months to find someone who'd make my dream come true,' she told Metro. 'Originally the plan was for two cakes -- one of me and one of [my husband] Innocent. Unfortunately, it took five weeks to make and we ran out of time.'"

Bite your tongue, Chidi. There is NOTHING unfortunate about this. It's fanfuckingtastic. The friend who sent it captioned:

"I love the look on all of their faces, including poor Innocent's whose cake dreams were never realized. At least the boob cake is smiling. What would've been the highlighted feature on the groom's cake??"

To which I say, I'm certain it would be his vapid optimism and thinly-veiled cuckoldry. I'm kidding, Innocent. You look like a cool guy. I'll take a piece of your cake any day.

(Thanks to my sista from anotha motha, Marah S.D.)

UPDATE: The inimitable, amazing stalking victim (I'm the stalker) Dodai at Jezebel points out that this story is years old. It sure has legs, though -- figuratively and literally. Still laughing.

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