Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Her Cuticles Are Serious Business, Yo

All my niggaz wildin, let me see your hands 
All my bitches stylin, let me see your hands
                                      - Foxy Brown, in Toni Braxton's "Let Me See Your Hands"

In case you didn't take her seriously the first couple of times, Foxy Brown needs you to know that her hands are VERY VERY important. To wit, in 2004, Foxy beat up two nail salon employees after a mani-pedi appointment because, as she told the The New York Times, "I got the pedicure, but they didn't give me the manicure." Bitches! Then, in 2007, she was arrested for battery after attacking a beauty store employee. I'm sure he deserved it. And finally, TMZ reports that last week Foxy was kicked off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship after she showed up three hours late to a manicure appointment and then went crazy when the spa could not accommodate her. Security escorted Ms. Brown back to her room and then followed her around for 2 days until the ship pulled into the Cayman Islands and she was sent packing. I think by now we are all accustomed to the specific psychosis that results from celebrity entitlement, but I feel for Foxy. Sometimes you just gotta pop a nail tip in somebody's ass. Thug life, baby. Recognize.

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