Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nothing Says Family Like A Shamelessly Staged Photo

Here we have, according to UsMagazine.com, the "FIRST PIC: The Cyrus Family Reunites!" Ha. Yeah, right. F-Bomb Café has obtained a memo from Miley's management to her family that explains this "candid" paparazzi shot. The memo states:

I want the four of you to go to that coffee shop near your house. Miley, please be sober and wearing pants and ideally some sort of bulky sweater -- no cleavage. Noah, please be wearing pants -- and no cleavage. Tish, keep your famewhore eyes away from the camera. It would help if you could look lovingly at Billy Ray. And Billy, for the love of God, get a haircut and keep your mouth shut. And nobody mention salvia, divorce, underage drinking, or Bret Michaels. Got it?

Okay, so I made that up. But we all know this is pretty much how it went down. Evidently Miley can, in fact, be tamed.

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  1. Further investigation has revealed that Billy Ray didn't get the memo, thus Harry Hamlin stepped in at the last moment.