Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey, MediaTakeOut.Com: F*ck You!

"Remember a few weeks ago when we said Amber Rose was one burger away from a weight problem? Well she ate that burger!" - the choice words from the shitheads at MediaTakeOut, who this weekend posted the picture and hilarious comment you see above. Below that, they posted this photo:

There is Amber, smiling and JOGGING. And, according to MediaTakeOut, conjuring Miss Piggy. Amber responded on Sunday with a Tweet that said, "I'm 5'9 148. How am I fat? Man, what have I done so wrong? Be to [sic] nice? I just don't get it." Amber has since deleted the Tweet, which is probably just as well: numbers aren't good for anyone. But she certainly asks the right question. How is she fat? And piggish? I see a waist. I SEE HER JOGGING. And let me tell you something: leopard print leggings don't do any of us any favors, and I love Amber that much more for rocking those tights. As for the ignorant asshats at MTO, lets applaud them for contributing to eating disorders, misogyny, and insecurity. I mean, someone needs to monitor women's bodies and label them with misguided projections.  Keep up the good work, MTO. Really.

Amber Rose Reveals Her Weight, Asks 'How Am I Fat?' [HuffPost]

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  1. First of all I think she looks great,... and she may be 5'9,.... and she may be 148,.... but she isnt both..... 5'9 and 148 is VERY lean and with a lower half that thick there is no way she is 148.