Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've Heard That Line Before

Tonight on "Top Chef," the four finalists were challenged with cooking a dish using conch. If you're not familiar with it, conch is like an enormous clam; it lives inside one of those shells in which you can supposedly hear the ocean. Oh, and it's pronounced conk. So, they had to make conch. Conch can be tough, and, as such, it's a tricky ingredient to use. One of the contestants (and my personal favorite), Antonia, chopped the conch into a ceviche; specifically, she prepared seared red snapper with conch tartare and lobster nage. At the judges' dining table, the majority of them loved the dish. My boy Tom Colicchio, however, wasn't feeling Antonia's conch. He said -- are you ready? Really. Pay attention here. Ready? Okay. So, voicing his dissent, Tommy C. said:

"You close your eyes and put this in your mouth, you're not gonna taste conch."


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  1. I heard Antonia went fishing with three guys. She came back with a red snapper.