Monday, September 24, 2012

Cracker Ass Crackers

Since I like my hypocrisies the way I like my cocktails -- frequent and steeped in self-loathing -- I am going to overlook my decades long dedication to the Academy Awards and take a moment to point out what a crapfest the Emmys are. First of all: snore. Second of all: snore. Third of all: Jesus Christ, are there no people of color on TV? Every single winner last night guessed it...a pasty Caucasian. Which is cool. I mean, white people rule, don't we? And just in case anyone forgets that, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is here to remind you. But lest my cynicism overshadow the real heroism of last night, I should point out that Claire Danes -- who, for the record, is whiter than Price Harry's freckled, prostitute loving ass -- used both "Holla!" and "baby daddy" in her acceptance speech. So, thank you Angela Chase, for using tired, urban slang to try to distract us from the whitewash. Well done! By which I mean, not at all. Holla!

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  1. There is a great moment in THE WIRE when they talk about how White People take everything from Black People. And Baby Daddy is now on the list.

    You'd have heard about THE WIRE, the greatest show in TV history, if it had ever gotten a single acting or series nomination. But it didn't. Because it is most about Black People