Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

I was going to write some treacly post about being thankful for my health and relative freedom or some shit, and then it came to my attention that Li'l Jon and Paris Hilton have recorded a song together. That's enough, right? I mean, I can get TWO Thanksgivings' worth of gratitude out of that alone. But it gets better! The song is called...wait for it...wait for it..."I Wanna Bang You." Yeah. It's a metaphor, I think. They lyrics are equally esoteric, naturally. Raps the Littlest Jon: "Last night was awesome/super fucking awesome/It was me, myself, and I, and her/We had ourselves a foursome."

"Super fucking awesome" really says it all.

So, Happy Thanksgiving. Posting will continue throughout the holiday week, but it will be sporadic (read: when I'm drunk). If you haven't already, maybe you'll consider making it a no-kill holiday? Maybe? Oh, and Real Housewives don't count; slaughter away on those tricks for sure.

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