Thursday, December 6, 2012

When Self-Indulgent Hipsters Attack

So, I just came across this over at Jezebel, and, with all due respect to Katie J.M. Baker (who posted it and who is, like all the Jezebel women, totally rad) this video makes me want to drink bleach. I am way too lazy to do it myself, but I'll send a bottle of wine to anyone with the time, energy, and technical prowess to change "We've gotta break up" to "We need to shut up." I'll send two bottles to anyone who can get these fools to actually do so.

By the way, Ivory, that's some inspirational sax playing. Christ.

Editors note: And, yes, I know the video doesn't fit the frame. I don't know why (read: I don't care). What do I look like, a blogger?


  1. so, here's whats gonna happen:

    she's gonna go fall in love with someone else and get pregnant right away, like first night sex pregnant.
    and then, he's gonna go fall madly in love with someone else and they're gonna wait for just the right time and she's not gonna be able to get pregnant and they're gonna go through years of trauma and drama and unhappiness.
    and then he's gonna make THAT girl sing this song,
    but, they'll be drinking bleach while doing so.

    so, there! bleach drinking will happen, my f-bomb friend, but after many years of unsuccessfully trying to make a baby, which this dude assumes anyone can do.

    when you're hip, anything can happen.

  2. this comment was on the you tube site, nice one:

    The last thing you two should be doing is reproducing.

    Jod2121 25 minutes ago

  3. first: WHAT MOLLY SAID
    second, regarding the youtube comment: hahahahahahaa! word.