Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hannah Montana, Unrated

"The 17 year-old actress old actress loses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes marijuana, kisses one of her two best female friends on the lips, gets wasted and accidentally shows her mom, Ann (Demi Moore), her Brazilian wax." - fromhollywoodlife.com, a description of Miley Cyrus's performance as Lola in "LOL: Laughing Out Loud," the movie she is currently filming with Demi Moore. Yeah, well, when one begins pole dancing performances at 16, this seems to be the next logical step. Way to represent your young fans, Miley! Hollywoodlife also reports that in one scene, Demi's character yells at Miley's, "You're my daughter, and I won't let you turn into a porn star!" Too late, Demi. Too late.

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