Monday, September 20, 2010

The Miley Cyrus School of Cheerleading

"Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right!" - a cheer performed by the six year-old cheerleaders of the Wolverine Flag Cheerleading Team in Michigan. Adorable, right? Who doesn't love a booty-shaking kindergartener? I'll tell you who: Jennifer Tesch, mom to six year-old Kennedy, a former member of the tight-skirt squad. Jennifer objected to the lyrics of the cheer and told the coach, who, along with the other brainiacs at the league, responded to the complaint by kicking Kennedy off the squad. That makes sense. I mean, the last thing we need is a parent who pays attention to what her kid is being taught. If everyone starts caring about stuff like this, we might end up with an entire generation of girls who keep their clothes on in public. Then what?

Thanks to the always awesome for the heads-up on this story. 

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