Friday, September 17, 2010

Well, She Does Now

"She doesn't have a criminal history, we didn't have knowledge of any mental issues." - Vancouver, Washingtom Police commander Marla Schuman, speaking about Bethany Storro, who on August 30 claimed that a black woman had thrown acid in her face. Storro has since admitted that she made up the story and THAT SHE THREW THE ACID ON HERSELF. Yup. Storro has not revealed her motive, but she did say that she wanted to appear on Oprah to "inspire people and tell them about Jesus." Yeah, and also to inspire people and tell them black people are dangerous. Look, I'm sure she does have "mental issues" and I hope she gets help. But while I am white, I think I speak for everyone who is not a racist whack job when I tell Ms. Storro, in the most eloquent way I can, to suck it.

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