Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Hello, Kettle? This Is The Pot. You're Black."

"Dina is a lying, pathetic, scheming narcissist...If she thinks she has beat me, she's crazier than we all know...Can you tell that I am fed up with this lying, scheming poor excuse for a mother who only wants to live and benefit off her kids with no regard for their well being?" - Michael Lohan, in an "exclusive" rant to X17online. I assume he's referring to Dina's statements that Michael is lying about setting up a conservatorship for Lindsay. Poor Michael. He wants only what's best for his kids' well-being. That's why he talks to the press 100 times a day about Lindsay and fights family wars in public. Jackass. Excuse me -- jackasses. Dina is just as bad. I'm not even related to these two clowns and they make me want to do blow.

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