Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey, X17, Suck It.

"Except for a teeny bit of cellulite on her legs, Lindsay Lohan looked gorge again heading to an alcohol education class in Palm Desert today after a gym workout." - the first line of a post at X17online, accompanied by the pic you see here. Okay, Lindsay has done some crazy shiz, but come ON. First of all, the girl is in rehab; maybe take it easy on her for a while? Secondly, "except for a teeny bit of cellulite...after a gym workout"???!!!! Who WORKS at this website? Bethenny Frankel?? And, look, nutty though she has been, anyone with Michael and Dina Lohan as parents deserves nothing but empathy and kindness for the rest of her life. Well, until she does something really funny. No, I'm kidding. Maybe.

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