Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Player's Gotta Play

So, Eva Longoria Parker has filed for divorce from her French, basketball player husband, Tony Parker. Snore. The last 24 hours have had blogs in a state of panic, first with the report the couple had split, then reports they hadn't, then reports they were going to because Tony has been sexting some other woman, and then the confirmation today that Eva had, in fact, filed. Whew. Look, I wasn't married to either of them (I swear), so I have no idea what went down between those two. I do know that some the country was damn near holding a vigil for the marriage, with Perez Hilton going so far as to beg, "Time for an official statement, please! No sense getting everyone all depressed about a broken marriage if there really isn't one!" Depressed? Really? Let me tell you what's depressing: listening to Gwynnie massacre Cee-Lo's song on Glee last night. A couple of childless rich people breaking up? Um, not so much.

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