Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And You Think Your Parents Are Embarrassing?

"Actually probably on my hands and knees." - Michael Lohan, on XM Radio's Playboy Morning Show, when asked if he remembers what position he was in when Lindsay was conceived. Yup. That was the actual question. Never one to let his idiocy be one-upped, Michael elaborated, "It was the first time I had ever smoked pot in my life. And the altitude was so high, for 3 days I couldn't leave that chalet. You're stuck in a chalet for 3 days so you're going to have a lot of sex." Phew! It's a good thing Michael stepped in just when Lindsay's rehab might have been working. Wouldn't want that to happen. F*cking asshat.

1 comment:

  1. And you know he took this pic on his own, he's got the long arm. That nipple makes me kinda queasy.

    PS, I just love the term "asshat."