Thursday, December 16, 2010

Single Babies Are So 2005

So, Nick I-can't-stop-smiling-cuz-I-hit-the-MiMi-jackpot Cannon has revealed that the Empress of Glitter is, in fact, expecting twins. That's great. No, really. Babies are blessings and all that. I certainly don't want to dis anyone's desire to procreate. But, um, there is an ALARMING number of Hollywood kid twin sets. I mean, there is an alarming number of twins these days, period, but for obvious reasons (hint: $), there seems to be a disproportionate number in entertainment. To wit, these are some of the celebrity parents of young twins:

Sarah Jessica Parker
Angelina Jolie
Kate Gosselin
Rebecca Romijn
Jennifer Lopez
Marcia Cross
Julie Bowen
Julia Roberts
Lisa Marie Presley
Nancy Grace
Dennis Quaid
Angela Bassett
Marcia Gay Harden
Denzel Washington
Holly Robinson-Peete
Lance Armstrong
Mia Hamm
Geena Davis
Mel Gibson
Patrick Dempsey
Ray Romano
Charlie Sheen

And that's not all of 'em. Um, all I can say is holy creepy side effects of fertility drug advancements, BATMAN.

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