Thursday, December 9, 2010

Violence Is Never The Answer...Violence Is Never The Answer...

I'm chanting. It seems the dangerously ignorant scumbags at the Westboro Baptist Church are planning to picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral because of, as CNN put it, "issues relating to her personal life deemed offensive by the church." I am not going to belabor the point -- the point being that anyone who belongs to this "church" is an awful person with a long list of mental health issues, not the least of which are ego-dystonic homosexuality and the delusion that he has any idea what kind of life is truly offensive -- and try to laugh at the idea of picketing a funeral. Wouldn't that mean they want her alive? I'm confused, Westboro, you hate-filled idiot asshole f*ckers. GAHHHHH. On a related note, John Edwards should be thanking these jerks, because now they are the biggest DBags at the funeral. That was a close one, John.

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