Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Add This Woman To The List

The list of asshats, I mean. I'm not talking about Christina. I'm talking about Charla Krupp, a writer for Time magazine. You know, Time, right? The "real news" magazine that people used to respect? Yeah, that one. Well, the jackass editors at Time green-lit Krupp's article called "Golden Globes Fashion: 5 Stars Who Looked Fat and 5 Who Looked Fit." For real. Here are a few gems from the article:

"Jennifer Lopez just can't stay away from white. Rule No. 1: White is a fright on an ample derriere, or on anyone who is not a size 0."

"Jennifer Love Hewitt looks big all over in this ivory Ramona Kevez number with a clamshell top, ill-fitting beaded belt and billowy bottom. Topping this high-calorie confection with a skyscraper bun doesn't help."

Right on, Charla! Who ARE these size 6 savages walking the streets in white? Revolting! As if they knew the article is offensive, either Charla herself or the editors at Time added what I interpret as a parenthetical disclaimer to the article's photo gallery, which reads "5 Who Looked Fat (Even Though They Aren't)." Nice try. Declaring an entire color off limits for millions of women and calling clothing "caloric" just to drive home the notion that you -- yeah you -- might look fat is a ridiculous, dangerous message now matter how you try to soften it. And, really, in Time? What the f*ck? I guess I should be grateful. Because, you know, I was stressed out today about health care and U.S./China relations until I found out that some women at the Golden Globes didn't look skinny enough. Phew. Now I'm informed. Thanks, Charla! You idiot.

Props to Jezebel for the heads up.

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