Thursday, January 27, 2011

And Then Bake Him Cookies And Cry Over Puppies

"You never want to tell your man he can’t do something — he’s going to want to do the exact opposite. Instead, be the great girlfriend that you are and trust him (even if you don’t…pretend). Remember, he didn’t get involved with you because he wanted another mom. To keep your mind off of what trouble he’s causing, I suggest having a night of your own. Even if it doesn’t involve The Hangover-style shenanigans your boyfriend may be having, do something that makes YOU happy...Whatever it is, if you’re genuinely worried that your man might be getting into trouble, do something that will distract you. And when he gets home all worse for the wear, don’t ask too many questions." - brilliant advice from Laura at Now, keep in mind that HollywoodLife is a celebrity gossip site - which makes this post even better. The title is "Should You Be Cool About Your Man Having A Boys Night Out, Like K-Stew Did With Rob?" Yes, she is referring to Twilight stars and real life lovahs Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. And since making decisions about your relationships based on speculation about strangers isn't always enough to keep love alive, Laura decided to chime in with her own dysfunctional suggestions. If you don't trust him: pretend! And don't ask too many questions. Women should be seen and not heard, and all good relationships are based on silence. We all know that. Hey Laura: you're an asshat.

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