Thursday, January 27, 2011

Because I Needed A Reason Not To Eat There?

It's no secret that I'm not big into eating dead birds. But I understand that not everyone shares my culinary predilections, and I'm not one to slam meat eaters simply because I think it's gross. However, vegetarianism aside, the restaurant Chik-fil-A is a big bucket of suck. The food sucks, the restaurants suck, and -- guess what? The people who run it suck. To wit, here is a statement from Chik-fil-A's charitable organization, WinShape, when asked if same sex couples are allowed at the organization's "retreats":

"WinShape Retreat defines marriage from the Biblical standard as being between one man and one woman. Groups/Individuals are welcome who offer wholesome, educational conferences and programs that are compatible with Biblical values and WinShape's purpose. We do not accept homosexual couples because of the statement in our contract."

Right. Likewise, I don't accept ignorant drivel from a company whose food is disgusting and whose politics are worse. So I guess we're even. Oh, and also: f*ck you.

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