Monday, February 14, 2011

What Fun!

Let's lock up and antagonize an animal and then kill it! Yippee! Here we have video of a bullfight gone "wrong" in Medellin, Colombia this past Saturday. After being fatally stabbed for entertainment, this bull musters one last charge at the bullfighter, breaking the matador's collarbone and then flipping him over before falling over himself. Oh, and then the bull dies. For his part in the fight, the matador gets to bow and be celebrated. I'm sure he'll get lots of flowers in the hospital. For his part, the bull gets to die a painful, angry death with bloody knives hanging out of his back while people cheer for his pain. I don't need to point out that the matador chooses to be there and the bull does not, do I? I won't, then. STAY CLASSY, HUMANS!

Raw Video: Bull Tosses Matador Around The Ring [Yahoo]

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