Monday, February 14, 2011

Wherein I Throw Up In My Mouth

"Playboy Mansion outbreak linked to illness that brews in warm water" - a headline from today's Los Angeles Times. It seems that dozens of people who attended an event at the Playboy Mansion have come down with legionellosis, an illness caused by bacteria that grows in warm water. You know, like in heated pools. Or hot tubs. That's right, people: this means there is bacteria at the Playboy Mansion. Bathtubs and bathtubs full of body fluid bacteria. What a shock! And by that I mean, "No duh!" It seems negligent on Hef's part that all visitors aren't treated to a complimentary Silkwood scrub down upon exiting the smut den, but that's just me. Carry on, Bunnies. (Well, once that pesky water-borne infection clears up, anyway.)


  1. that pool looks awesome. i say just bring your own saran wrap and party on. maybe hef can host an open invite party to subsidize some future preventative maintenance.

  2. does it grow on boobs?